TOP 10 TIPS — How to ride an electric skateboard safely
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TOP 10 TIPS — How to ride an electric skateboard safely

by theresa Wen on Dec 17, 2022

Many people have switched to electric skateboarding in recent years due to the demand for a new mode of transportation that can be used in big cities to avoid crowded streets. However, as more people use it, people are beginning to wonder if riding an electric skateboard is safe.

Just imagine how dangerous it would be when you fall from such a speedy ride. Fortunately, the majority of skateboarding injuries can be prevented by mastering skating skills as well as wearing suitable protective equipment.

Here are top 10 tips on how to ride safely, let's check them out.


1.  Wear a helmet and protective gear

Electric skateboards are faster than traditional skateboards. You will be injured if you fall from above. Therefore, protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, and wrist pads are required. Furthermore, ensure that the helmet's size is appropriate for the wearer's age, and that it is adjusted to be close to the head for maximum protection.


2.  Select the right electric skateboard

All-terrain electric skateboard are drastically dirrerent from street electric skateboard. If you ever plan to ride on grass, dirt, gravelly trails or uneven surfaces, opt for an off-road electric skateboard. Yes, they are more expensive, but that’s because they are specifically designed for off-road journeys.



wear a helmet


3.  Check your electric skateboard periodically

Check on individual components of your board every once in a while, just to make sure everything is still in working order.

skateboarders had better take care of their electric skateboard by tightening the back truck or oiling the bearing regularly. Taking care of the back truck is necessary, especially if you are a beginner who wants to push the throttle to the limit. Moreover, tightening the back truck will save you from speed wobbles.


check your skateboard


4.  Check the battery level of the electric skateboard

Before riding, please make sure that the skateboard battery has sufficient power, so that there will be no accidents caused by insufficient power during the riding.


5.  Ride in the right weather

Electric skateboards are not completely waterproof. If you are driving on a road with heavy rain and stagnant water, your skateboard may enter water and then be damaged by a short circuit. In addition, bad weather such as rain, snow, fog, and freezing is not suitable for riding, because it is easy to cause accidents.


ride in the right weather


6.  Ride at night, make sure you are seen by others

To ensure your safety when driving at night, install a headlight on the skateboard with a reflective back so that other drivers can see you. You can also wear reflective clothing and install lights on your helmet.


7.  Stay away from traffic and ride on the bike lane

Stay away from oncoming vehicles, and stay away from cars and trucks as much as possible.


How to ride an electric skateboard safely


8.  Learn how to fall properly

Yes, there is a right way to eat shit, and, quite frankly, we should all know how to do it. Because the difference between a good fall and a bad fall can be HUGE.

For example, being thrown from your board and putting your hands out (naturally) to catch your fall is a good way to end up with a broken wrist or arm.

Leading with your shoulder, on the other hand, and rolling into the fall is a good way to walk away unscathed (and look like a badass too).

To learn how to fall properly, you will need to practice the motions. Don’t just read a few guides on the web – read them and then do the falls live in order to build muscle memory.



How to ride an electric skateboard safely


9.  Don’t drink and ride

This is not a danger to yourself, but it may also harm other people.

Regardless of whether you’re an electric longboarder in college or an adult who just tied one-off after work, it just isn’t worth riding drunk. You need to have all of your faculties when riding, especially coordination, which we all know is the first thing to go after drinking.


10.  Comply with laws and regulations

If you don't violate the traffic rules, you won't be hurt.



The most important piece of advice we can give about electric skateboard safety is to know what you're doing. That means not just knowing how to ride your e-board but also knowing where you are and what the circumstances are.

You should be able to ride your electric skateboard safely if you are aware of the situation as well as your own abilities.


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